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Looking up the towers at night View from from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng Look up view on a very sunny day Facade of the steel plates 

                What's the current world's tallest building? Petronas! Second? Still Petronas. The Petronases, when completed in 1996 have surpassed the height of Sears Towers in Chicago by 33 feet which was the world's tallest. Though the world's tallest title had been authorized by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) and other decent parties, there are still some which is against it and still consider Sears as the title holder. This is because of the spires on top of the building which contributed to the height, which they do not want to consider. But anyway, the creation of the twins is a major breakthrough of architecture. Malaysia is also proud to be the first country in the world to take away the world's tallest title from the US.

The skybridge View from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng Facade of the steel Entrance to the Petronas Philharmonik Hall  

Here are the MYTHS about the Petronas Twin Towers:

1) They were built by spending the taxes paid the citizens.

         NO. It was built 100% by Petronas money. In fact, Petronas is not owned by the government. It is only the child company of the government. Petronas is also the richest oil company in Asia.  It controls oil in many parts of Africa including South Africa and Somalia. Now, it is helping Pakistan and Vietnam to venture oil. Not bad for a company that was only set in 1974. The government plays the role of initiating it by promoting stability. A country that is not stable won't be able to have these towers.

2) The skybridge is where it is to stabilize the 2 towers.

         Now, this is another comment by a moron. If you check out Caesar Pelli's first ever sketch of the Petronas Towers, its is already there. The skybridge besides connect workers between the two towers, also acts as an observation platform for the public. 

3) One of the towers was bought by a particular foreign billionaire.

         NO. This has also been denied by that billionaire himself in a daily newspaper of that country. I personally read that newspaper and saw the statement on the front page. Petronas Twins are owned by the Petronas group. Petronas is an ultra-rich company. 

 Entrance to one of the towers Look up view  Look up view at night Another look up viewPeople sitting around around the front of the entrance A look up view Entrance to the philharmonik hall View from Menara KL A great facade of the steel View from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng look-up view One of the towers Look-up view Look-up view Panorama of the base

Overview List (courtesy of KLCC Group of Companies)

Number of storeys 88
Height 452 meters above street level
Total built-up area 341,760 sq.meters ( 3.7 million sq. feet)
Design/Architecture Cesar Pelli & Associates [U.S.] in association with KLCC architects.
Location of skybridge Levels 41 and 42
Length of skybridge 58.4 meters
Height of skybridge 170 metres above street level
Vertical transportation 29 double-deck high speed passenger lifts in each tower
Number of escalators 10 in each tower
Stainless steel cladding 65,000 sq. metres
Vision glass 77,000 sq. metres
Concrete [various strengths up to grade 80] 160,000 cubic metres in the superstructures [see also foundation description below]
Steel 36,910 tonnes of beams, trusses and reinforcement
Foundation 4.5 metre [15 feet] thick raft containing 13,200 cubic meters of grade 60 reinforced concrete, weighing approximately 32,550 tonnes under each Tower, supported by 104 barrette piles varying from 60 to 115 metres in length.
base  View from an office around Jalan Yap Kwan Seng View from a pedestrian walkway closer view look-up view View with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Building A nice look-up view Nice steelA classic view

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