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SELAMAT DATANG KE! Semua yang anda ingin tahu mengenai pepencakar langit KL terdapat di sini!









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[1997] The economic crisis initiated by Hungary's George Soros hit Malaysia and the rest of Asia. The Thai Baht was the first to be devalued then the ringgit. People lost their jobs. And the most noticed things were the abandoned projects. Towers stucked halfway in air, cranes stopped moving and the construction sites experienced silence. But then, Malaysia shows that it could survive by successfully hosting the commonwealth games in 1998. The world also witnessed the grand launch of the Petronas Twin Towers. Menara Telekom erected up to more than a 1000 feet. More shopping malls built. More tourists flocked into Malaysia which made it listed in the top 5 countries in the Asia Pacific region with the most incoming tourists at 10 million visitors a year.




Check out these.

erm11.jpg (103867 bytes) Unknown Twin Towers which is about 95% complete. 10/2001

erm3.JPG (81595 bytes) A mystery building beside the Maju Perdana Towers. Looks like it has made it to the 300 footer list. 12/2001

duta1.JPG (79027 bytes) grand2.jpg (72402 bytes) Grand Hyatt Duta. The construction came to a halt somewhere in 1998, then just resumed recently. 40 storeys. 10/2001

erm4.JPG (75862 bytes) Menara OCBC at Masjid Jamek area. 20 storeys. To be completed next year. 12/2001

maju4.jpg (22326 bytes) maju1.JPG (45182 bytes) Maju Perdana Tower 1 actively under construction. 33/34/35/36 storeys. The towers will be anchored by a huge shopping mall which is also on it's way to completion.

novotel.JPG (72394 bytes) Novotel. Halted last year. Now resumed!

plazarakyat.JPG (82187 bytes) Plaza Rakyat. You know this building. Due to the Asian economic crisis, the construction was stopped till the last time I saw it earlier Dec 2001. If it is to be completed, it will have the WORLD'S LARGEST AND LONGEST shopping mall. I'm very sure that it will resume very soon since a neighboring building Puduraya will be evacuated of its current operation as a bus terminal. When its construction was active few years ago, it was already crowned as the world's 7th tallest at 79 storeys.

west2.jpg (129871 bytes) west3.jpg (131093 bytes) Westin Hotel. 38 storeys. To be completed very soon. A very good addition to Kuala Lumpurs most visited shopping street, Bukit Bintang.

wsmadnp.JPG (81200 bytes) Wisma DNP, a shoping mall that will complement Suria KLCC, the Golden Triangle largest mall. It also will be having a main tower. I'll report on it later.

cygal1.JPG (78527 bytes) cygal2.JPG (73840 bytes) Cygal Towers. Construction recently resumed. The tallest tower has 33 floors over the ground and the other 2 22+.


Here are some constructions going on but no photos of them:

1) Construction in Kampung Baru. A pretty tall one.

2) Hilton KLSentral and a Japanese hotel which their construction is still going on.

3) MidValley condominiums. 2 towers.

4) A building construction behind Menara Genesis near Renault showroom at Jalan Bukit Bintang.

5) Construction to double up the size of One Utama, the largest shopping mall outside KL.

6) Addition of floors to a particular building around Petaling Street.

7) Condo construction at Mon't Kiara. News said it'll be 43 storeys.

8) MORE coming soon!

   If you have any information of any of those constructions or any missed or new ones, email me. Thanks first!



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