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SELAMAT DATANG KE! Semua yang anda ingin tahu mengenai pepencakar langit KL terdapat di sini!









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Here are the photos from my trip to Bangkok. Great city... great food...people here are as friendly as those in KL...but traffic jam is bad. I was stuck in a bus for more than 2 hours just to reach a suburb! Yet, the Bangkok Skytrain was a good solution.

Skyscrapers around Sathorn, Bangkok's Financial District

Abdul Rahim place and Bank ot Tokyo-Mitsubishi visible here Nice view View of street Street view Bank of China Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi unknown Thai Wah 2  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi unknown skytrain   unknown unknown Citibank citibank Citibank under construction Empire Tower unknown   street to another part of the city Standard Chartered Bank Thai JAM!!!

Baiyoke 1, Baiyoke 2 and the surroundings

Baiyoke 1 Baiyoke 2 Baiyoke 2 Baiyoke 2 Flood! 

Skyscrapers around ?Silhom?

 View of skyline unknown. Very Tall! RCK in the evening RCK at day timeThai Jewellers Tower Another view

Skyscrapers around Pahonyothin

Bank of Siam Tower unknown Elephant Tower 

Chakri Grand Palace and temple

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Wat Po Temple(Great Massage!)

banjir1.jpg (66930 bytes) banjir10.JPG (75155 bytes) banjir2.jpg (46842 bytes) banjir3.jpg (62103 bytes) banjir7.JPG (69869 bytes) banjir8.JPG (73344 bytes) watbud.jpg (68274 bytes) watpo222.jpg (65265 bytes)watpo.JPG (81811 bytes) watpo2.JPG (75697 bytes) watpo22.JPG (76614 bytes) banjir9.JPG (75047 bytes) banjir6.JPG (74766 bytes)


Views from Baiyoke 2 observation deck

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From Baiyoke 2 panobank.JPG (114139 bytes) 

Pahonyothin skyline panobank1.jpg (198126 bytes)

!More panoramas on their way!

Other Scenes

bkl.jpg (54314 bytes) All Seasons Hotel all1.JPG (73233 bytes) all2.JPG (73456 bytes)

Hotels along Chao Phraya chao1.JPG (71352 bytes) chao3.JPG (66514 bytes)                            MBK CENTRE jam2.JPG (75803 bytes) mbk1.JPG (78300 bytes) samtower1.JPG (74606 bytes)

sky11.JPG (75662 bytes) Software Park President Tower Ravit Tower  

Thammasat University's first principal thamm2.JPG (79011 bytes) tamm1.JPG (76327 bytes)

pray.jpg (43964 bytes) Bangkok has a large Muslim population. So you can find Muslim prayer rooms in shopping malls there.


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